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If you like serial killers who treat corpses like Lego he's your guy.

So, how do murder podcasts help women to relax?

Promising to reform the ways of wayward boys, this infamous concentration camp damaged its charges with every kind of abuse. Please donate to the Leader One Podcast Network Patreon...

Raymond Hazen Jr. joins us to go toe-to-toe on the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. It's a wild one. 

Not sure who's worse, her or her mother.  Please visit for all your true crime merchandise needs!

Be thankful you didn't have a child out of wedlock in Victorian England.

Bonnie Lee, producer and narrator of the "Writing About Crime" true crime podcast, joins us and brings some of her natural broadcast savvy into the conversation!

This "killer clown" made one too many young men disappear. 

In other words, a trailer.

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