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For Dennis Nilsen, love meant never letting you leave.

Israel Keyes had a very specific way of doing things. That is why he eluded capture for so long as the bodies stacked up.

No More Paid Episodes

Due to lack of demand, I will no longer be charging for episodes. My gratitude and apologies to those of you who did pay. Thank you so much.

This tigress retaliated against tiger parenting, with deadly results.

As if the ruthless and grisly murder of a 2-year-old wasn't enough to shock the people of England, the ages of the attackers proved to be just as jarring.

Casualties of Bullying

Words can kill. It's too bad so few children understand this.

Be thankful you weren't born two or more centuries ago. The pain industry was booming.

You didn't want to mess with Ed Gein, not unless you wanted to become his lamp shade. This guy had heavy duty mother issues.

In the late 1970s and 80s, Gerald Gallego adducted, raped and murdered several women with the assistance of his wife Charlene. 

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